It’s A Crime at Harrogate

It’s a Crime! has been blogging on the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival. One point I note:

On Saturday afternoon Frances Fyfield conducted an excellent interview with P D James. She was sure to emphasise at the start that P D James is not just a prolific author, but also someone whose life in public service should be recognised and remembered. She brought out all the best in P D James, as an author, and as a woman whose life has inspired and motivated her writing career. P D James was wonderfully open and direct and left the room with a well deserved and respectful standing ovation.

4 thoughts on “It’s A Crime at Harrogate”

  1. Thanks for the link, Phil. I will post more about P D James’s conversation with Frances Fyfield this coming week. It won’t be verbatim, as I didn’t record or take sufficient notes, due to the heat. It will be my interpretation on what was said. I just wish that many more of the younger generations would like to listen to what she imparts.

  2. P. D. James is one of my favorite authors and I had the pleasure of seeing her read in Portland, OR from her book, “Death in Holy Orders.” The Q&A after was the best part of the day.

    My yearly reading of “Time To Be In Earnest” is coming up.

    Look forward to reading about this interview.

    Take care–Sue

  3. I managed to post about the interview today.

    Alas, the hall was extremely hot and humid, so I had very limited notes, but I’ve put what I can within the post. I was also lucky enough to catch P D James at last year’s Cheltenham Festival, so I’ve put in a link to that old post also.



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