2 thoughts on “A Friday spot of Wodehouse”

  1. We own the complete series on DVD. We watched this episode last week to introduce Wodehouse to our youngest daughter who was too young the last time we watched it to remember Jeeves.

    We also have the Wodehouse Playhouse collection. Very entertaining.

    Several Wodehouse writings have fallen into the public domain and are available as free kindle editions. I recently finished the short story collection, The Man With Two Left Feet and other stories.

    Other Public Domain books on my Kindle at this time are some Zane Grey, Max Brand, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Mark Twain, George MacDonald, several WWI flag wavers, Ben Hur, True Christianity by Johan Arndt (a pietistic classic) and Asgard Stories, Tales from Norse Mythology by Mabel M. Cummings.

    Now I need to dig out my copy of Year of the Warrior to remember what sort of concoction Father Ailill made for Erling to cure his hangover when they met.

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