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What’s the Best Coffeeshop in Your State?

Food & Wine magazine offers this list of the best places to buy coffee in every state, plus one runner-up. Is your favorite place on the list? I have consumed several wonderful cups from Mad Priest in Chattanooga, so I’m happy to see they made runner-up in Tennessee. Naturally our readers in Delaware will expect to see Brandywine Coffee Roasters and their Brew HaHa! stores in top place for their state (our cultural influence knows no bounds).

And the best place for coffee in Minnesota is Culver’s.  j/k

2 thoughts on “What’s the Best Coffeeshop in Your State?”

  1. According to Food & Wine the best coffee shops in Georgia are in Atlanta. Fine, but the best COFFEE in Georgia, hands down, is to be found at a busy, bustling 24/7 Steak N Shake in Dalton, Georgia where, even at this very moment, eye-popping portions poured from a perpetually fresh pot are being sumptuously savored, sipped, and salivated over by gaggles of local gourmets and road weary pilgrims, and sacreligously swigged down in gloriously oversized gulps by, well, the more demonstrative gaggles of local gourmets and road weary pilgrims. Incomparable.

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