‘Solveig’s Song’ with Sissel

I am, if you’ll pardon me, a little moody this evening (alert the media!). So I’ll post another song.

I shared a piece from Grieg’s Peer Gynt not long ago. Here’s one more, but it features none other than the Divine Sissel (who is wearing the Bergen bunad — the city folk costume). In the play, Solveig is Peer’s faithful and neglected girlfriend, whom he treats badly, as is his wont. She sings of patiently waiting for him. This is one the standard classic songs in Norway. Amundsen and his men had it on a recording to listen to on their way to the South Pole, I believe.

2 thoughts on “‘Solveig’s Song’ with Sissel”

  1. Both of these Peer Gynt works are moving. I listened to a recording on cassette many times in my college days. I may be able to look up which recording it was.

  2. If I were not married, I’d say I’d fallen in love… she not only is beautiful but she can sing as well. On the other hand, she probably has a terrible temper problem, bad breath that won’t quit and size 14 size clown feet.

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