You’re No Fun Anymore

Harrison Scott Key complains that novels are boring and short stories are worse. He says, “My general claim is that fiction is in the dumps because fiction isn’t fun like it used to be. Somewhere after Cervantes, novelists forgot that it was okay to be funny.” Woody Allen on the other hand . . .

2 thoughts on “You’re No Fun Anymore”

  1. Poo, there’s lots of fun stuff out there, not the least of which is Wodehouse, nor do I remember Don Quixote being the pinnacle of hilarity. Though if his idea of fun leans more towards Woody Allen, then thank God there’s not more of that out there. Allen’s not my stlye…

  2. It’s been mentioned here before, but I’ll mention it again. ‘Freddy and Fredericka’ is about as ‘fun’ a book as you’ll read.

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