Chesterton on blogging, sort of

The Jollyblogger points out advice from G.K. Chesterton to Christian journalists and applies it to Christian bloggers. It comes to use by way of Gilbert Magazine.

The “bad Christian journalist” seems to write from a worried, panicked, mindset. The sky seems to be falling to him. . . . There is no sense of “Christ the overcomer” in this, only “Christ-and-His-cause-are-about-to-be-defeated-and-we-better-do- something- now-or-we’re-all- gonna-die, . . . aaaaahhhh!!!!”

3 thoughts on “Chesterton on blogging, sort of”

  1. Speaking of chesterton and the subject of writing; I’ve just finished reading part 1. and 2. of his book on Dickens (free online) and enjoyed it immensely. He spends a lot of time talking about the uselessness of a negative approach, and the success dickens had in using a positive approach to social provblems. (In terms of fiction.)

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