‘Lost In the Storm,’ by Mark Stone

There’s much to be said for Mark Stone’s novel Lost In the Storm, the first in a series. The hero is Chicago police detective Dillon Storm. For the first time in a dozen years, he’s back in his home town, the elite city of Naples, Florida. He didn’t want to come. He’s the illegitimate son of the richest man in Naples, and was never acknowledged by his father. But that father is dead now, and there are questions. When his father’s lawyer is found murdered with Dillon’s phone number in his cell phone, it starts getting personal.

Dillon will re-kindle some old relationships and learn some things he never knew about the family that shut him out. And he will discover important things about himself.

The story in itself was pretty good. I liked the characters, and found Dillon Storm a compelling hero.

The problem was the writing. The book needed heavy editing. There were lots of misspellings. And in one amazing passage, the author moved the sunset from the west to the east.

I might try another in the series, hoping the proofreading improves, because I did like the story. There were even some positive references to Christianity.

But I can’t wholly endorse it as a work of literature.

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