You Laughing at Me? You Laughing at Me?

Frank Wilson points out a call for humor suggestions by Scott Stein. “What’s So Funny?” is the title of a course Mr. Stein will be teaching this fall at University of Pennsylvania. He says, “I would welcome suggestions about what to include on the reading list. . . . No choice is too obvious. After all, somehow I never got around to reading P.G. Wodehouse until this year.”

I don’t see James Thurber on the list yet. I think his grammar guide is hilarious, and I’ve been meaning to read Is Sex Necessary? or, Why You Feel The Way You Do for a while.

2 thoughts on “You Laughing at Me? You Laughing at Me?”

  1. Your a lucky man Phil. In my early days I spent years commuting by bus, and I read all of Thurber while doing it. Many a time I would laugh out loud… look up to see people staring at me. Enjoy.

    p.s. a note to Lars. I spotted a book at the library with the approximate title ‘Thurber on Crime.’ It appeared to be a recent collection of some of his pieces on crime; or sendups of various crime writers of the day.

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