The other shoe drops

Or “another shoe.” There’ll doubtless be more.

While we were putting up my rain gutters, my brother Baal noticed that my shingles didn’t look good.

I consulted the documentation on the last roofing job. It was done in 1996. Twenty-five year warranty.

But that’s only on materials.

I called my real estate agent. He recommended a roofer who attends our church to come out and look at the situation. The guy came out today.

All bad news.

The problem is not the material. The shingles were improperly installed. By a company that’s out of business, so I can’t pursue them with fire and sword.

I’m smack out of luck. I’ll have to spring for new shingles.

I really need to find a publisher again.

By way of Mirabilis (again), I offer this story purely for the purpose of aggravating Aitchmark.

Could it be that the escalating wussification of our culture doesn’t come from bad education and effete entertainment, but from a cat parasite we’ve picked up?

Read and decide for yourselves.

Then go down to the river and drown your cat.

(I’m a Roofing Victim. You were expecting sweetness and light?)

10 thoughts on “The other shoe drops”

  1. Lars; I’m afraid going out of business on a regular basis is a common tactic for certain shady firms of this sort. But cheer up; putting up shingles is one of the joys of owning a house. One hasn’t really lived until one’s crawled all over a roof in 90 degree weather. (As a writer just tell yourself, “I’ll be able to use this one day.”)

  2. and I agree with sr. Just don’t fall off the roof. I hate when that happens, and I don’t want to drive up to visit you. It’s too far.

  3. If I didn’t make my self clear I meant these firms go out of business on a regular basis as a strategy to avoid litigation, etc.

  4. Phil, as far as I know the cat story is real.

    I have no plans to put on my own shingles. The problem in the first place was incompetent installation.

    Also, I’m afraid of heights.

  5. Where are all these rats coming from? That was the most horrifying part of the story for me.

    We had our roof replaced last summer (we rent). Please be forwarned that replacing a roof is a filthy mess. Cover everything you want protected and keep the windows closed.

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