When Is a Town Beautiful?

My sister pointed out this sentence so I want to ask you what you think. How does sentence, published in a novel, strike you: “The beauty of [the town] was evident even in the autumn twilight.”

The paragraph goes on to describe the beauty of the town, especially in autumn with its tree lined streets . . .its hair with a luster as Fall hits the air. . . . I know you in Autumn, and I must be there. I’m sorry. I lost myself in another thought for a moment.

Anyway, what do you think of that sentence?

7 thoughts on “When Is a Town Beautiful?”

  1. I think I know what the author meant. The twilight muted the colors, making the beauty harder to see. But “autumn twilight” is in itself such a beautiful thought that it kind of contradicts itself. The sentence would have been better re-written.

  2. In Houston there is no authumn twilight. No autumn. Nine months of summer. One month of fall, not autumn. One month of almost winter, and then a very warm spring.

    Your verification question is wrong, too. In West Texas where I’m from, grass is mostly brown.

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