2 thoughts on “Survey of Unique Bookstores”

  1. I live outside Portland, OR and have been to Powell’s City of Books a few times. Several years ago P. D. James was reading “Death in Holy Orders,” and I wanted to see her. My 16-year-old son rode with me on the train, we were a little late and the Pearl Room was crowded. We found a good place to stand in the back. Looking around I realised were standing amongst the highly-prized Classic Erotica. We moved over to books on Architechture.

    Great place to spend a few hours. Days. Whatever.

  2. Ew, that would be bad. That’s close to the reason I don’t like taking my kids to the video store. The last time I was there with my four-year-old, we stopped at several children’s titles. I was read off some words, glanced to my left, and saw the covers of those disgusting horror movies that never make it to the theaters. I hate those stupid, stupid movies, and they seem to be all over Blockbuster.

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