The most important job of a Christian author is . . .

Relief Journal, a new quarterly whose first issue will appear in print this November, asks about the most important job of a Christian author. Is it to reveal Christ to non-Christians? Is it to paint a picture of the world as it should be? Is it to write with skill and authenticity, to reflect reality from a Christian worldview, or to encourage and edify Christians? Take the poll.

3 thoughts on “The most important job of a Christian author is . . .”

  1. I decided long ago that the biblical model was the correct one. The Bible neither conceals God’s truth nor whitewashes the reality of a sinful world. Faithful Realism is my philosophy.

  2. Looks like the danger of this kind of poll has just been revealed. If you’re forced to vote for just one of several things, all of them good and important, you risk being accused of being against the things you didn’t vote for. To me it seems that Lars’ “faithful realism”, consistently applied, would include the things Kathleen Marie is rightfully advocating as well.

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