A Land Fit For Criminals

Mike Johnson sent me the following link to a review by (the great) Theodore Dalrymple of the book A Land Fit For Criminals by David Fraser. It’s about the criminal justice system in Great Britain today.

He shows that liberal intellectuals and their bureaucratic allies have left no stone unturned to ensure that the law-abiding should be left as defenseless as possible against the predations of criminals, from the emasculation of the police to the devising of punishments that do not punish and the propagation of sophistry by experts to mislead and confuse the public about what is happening in society, confusion rendering the public helpless in the face of the experimentation perpetrated upon it.

My observation is that what happens in Europe generally works its way to America in time.

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  1. Before Dalrymple retired, he was a doctor working within the English prison system. For many years he wrote a semi-weekly column (in the E. Spectator) about his experiences dealing with the criminal underclass. (Stories too horrific to mention.) Naive as I was when I read them I couldn’t figure out how such a corrupt system could keep going… withot anyone doing something to stop it. Having read this review I now understand. The gov. unions and the bureaucracy conspire to make sure nothing changes. They wash each other’s hands, and declare themselves clean.

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