Portrait of one nervous squirrel

White Squirrel Today I got a picture of my white squirrel. You’ll note that he’s now missing a portion of his bushy tail.

Life ain’t easy when you stand out from the crowd.

8 thoughts on “Portrait of one nervous squirrel”

  1. Pink or red eyes and everything?

    He/she will be in one of your stories someday.

    I notice across the street the shutters – – does every place have these? I see them everywhere here in North Dakota, and maybe folks had them back in the Pacific Northwest, too. They’re obviously nonfunctional, couldn’t cover the windows ever if they were real. It seems to me that newer houses don’t have them and older ones aren’t keeping them… what’s this all about?

  2. Yes, the eyes are pink.

    The shutters, if I remember correctly, came into fashion a few decades ago. They’re purely decorative, but I think they look nice on most houses. I don’t have them, but my windows aren’t configured for them.

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