We dare to name names!

This is off the record, right? You’re not going to share this with anyone? I’ve got deniability here?

Because if this gets back to me, I’m toast.

But look at the slate of drawing winners. Examine it for a moment:

Roy Jacobsen. Blogger. The only other blogger I’ve ever met, as a matter of fact.

Michael Peterson. Blogger. (Not very prolific, I’ll grant you, but a blogger.) And a pastor of my own church body.

Omie. A Chattanooga resident. Who else lives in Chattanooga?

Coincidences? You make the call.

I insinuate, you decide.

Speaking of the drawing, I’d hoped to get the books in the mail today. I was going to take them to the post office near my workplace, after work.

Unfortunately I left them at home. Then I thought, “No prob. I’ll walk them over to the Robbinsdale post office, five minutes from my house, when I get home.”

I got there at 5:01. The place closes, I then learned, at 5:00.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

They’re going Media Mail, so it’ll take a few days.

The fact that I’m corrupt doesn’t mean I’m rich.

8 thoughts on “We dare to name names!”

  1. I for one am shocked, shocked!! Where are the standards?? And we call this a blog!

    And how do you spell “anonymous,” I’d like to know? Good pete!

  2. As my mum always said, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice knitting.”

    Not sure what that has to do with the current scandal on Brandywine Books, but it’s what my mum always said!

  3. Coincidences? or God-incidence? Presbyterians don’t believe in accidents, right? Predestination? Hmmm? That should work for Phil, but what about the Lutherans in our midst?

    It’s okay, guys, it’s God thing… And HE just gave me a very nice fat-free birthday present. ~Happy Birthday to me~ That works. Yes. Now, see, set all insinuations aside. You guys are off the hook. (whispering…..however, a very sincere thank you note from me will follow…am blessed.)

    BTW – I’ll be nice and share Lar’s book with Gid. Love his cute kids.

    Omie, Anxiously waiting to read “predestined” birthday gift/prize. 🙂

  4. Omie you might not want to loan me the book. I have always had a problem sharing, which must be the reason why God did not give me the book. 😉

  5. uh oh…whoops…Lo siento, gid. Forgive my glib thoughtless, “I won,” “I’m special” hystrionics. Mea culpa. Repenting while searching my house for chocolate.

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