P. D. James on Modern Society

P.D. James discusses life in today’s world:

Our society is now more fractured than I, in my long life, have ever known it.”

The isolation, she argued, flows from a fear of difference and is fed by the sense, common in our disparate communities, that engagement is not worth the risk.

“Increasingly,” she said, “there is a risk that we will live in ghettoes with our own kind.” Behind the disintegration was a spread of “pernicious” political correctness that made attempts at understanding harder.

“If, in speaking to minorities,” she added, “we have to weigh every word in advance in case, inadvertently, we give offence, how can we be at ease with each other, how celebrate our common humanity?”

“Look at those,” she says, pointing to the heavy bars on her windows. “This is how we live now. Behind bars in our own homes. I find it intimidating but I understand that it is sensible. Several of my friends have been mugged. Some of them quite horribly.”

The problem, she says, starts with the breakdown of the family and refusal of men to act like men. (via Books, Inq.)

One thought on “P. D. James on Modern Society”

  1. Of course this is what our political elite call the Grand experiment. (i.e. trying to destroy Christianity through immigration.) Stalin and Mao played this game; forcing people groups to move around… to destroy opposition to the communist game plan. Will it work in our day? I don’t know… but one believes in the long wrong all these plans will be in vain.

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