A long way to go for Chinese takeout

The books are in the mail. Congratulations to the Children of Fortune.

(You did all read the small print, didn’t you? The part where you are now enrolled in the Lars Walker Perpetual Book Club, and obligated to buy a copy of one of my books every month for the rest of your natural lives? And since there are only three published, you’ll have to purchase the same three over and over? You understood that? Good.)

By way of Mirabilis, this fascinating story about a 3,000-year-old Celtic mummy found in a remote area of China.

Can you imagine what this man’s story was like? What his world was like?

There would be a great novel in that story. Hope someone writes it.

But it won’t be me. I’d have to give myself a whole new education in ancient Celtic and Chinese cultures. I’ve been studying the Vikings my whole life, and I still often wonder whether I’m qualified to write Viking novels.

6 thoughts on “A long way to go for Chinese takeout”

  1. That’s an interesting report; but I’m sure I’ve read of Celt remains in china itself. I’m of the opinion that the reason we’re told so little of the celts is due to the fact the Romans (under Julius Caesar?) exterminated them. I don’t like to quote from memory, but I seem to remember the romans killed 8-900,000 of them in south western europe. (Including women, children, and animals.)In other words our secular academics are protecting (whitewashing) the romans; propogating the myth. (ala Gibbons.)

    p.s. If I’m wrong on this please let me know.

  2. “Exterminated” usually means wiping out entirely. I believe quite a lot of Celts survived, and their descendants are with us to this day. Which does not mean that the Romans weren’t brutal.

  3. I guess I wasn’t too clear. I meant he furthers the myth the romans were a great bunch, and in fact the model state, the one that should still be emulated. (When you add the over one million jews killed a few years later, you get some idea of what a murderous brood this group was.) When I said exterminated I meant from the general area now called france. (How exactly true this is I don’t know.)

  4. Personally, I’ve seen a fair amount of denigration of the Romans lately, and I suspect it’s mostly political. We’re told that we “have much to learn” from cultures that practice Honor Killing or cannibalism, but the Romans must be written off entirely. Move along, nothing to see here. The great architecture, the legal system, the roads across the known world — insignificant. Because the Romans were Imperialists, and all imperialism must be rejected and despised.

    I don’t think anybody ever thought the Romans were cuddly sweethearts. Every Christian kid has been taught about Roman persecution of the church for centuries (until recently, anyway). But even the early Christians “honored the emperor” and respected Roman achievement.

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