What gain has the laborer from his toil?

And how did I spend Labor Day? I spent it laboring.

Someone among the Powers That Be at the Bible School decided that today would be a good day for Student Orientation this year, thus dragging the young people from the bosoms of their family barbecues, causing mothers to weep and fathers to mutter darkly.

I was summoned to give my Oscar-nominated Library Orientation PowerPoint (you didn’t know the Academy Awards had a PowerPoint category, did you? Of course an Antiwar PowerPoint beat me out this year: “Sixteen Reasons Why Democracy Is Tyranny, Plus Eight Reasons Why Honor Killing Is the Culmination of Feminism.” Personally I thought it derivative).

Afterwards I went to the library and did my usual stuff. I suppose I could have closed the place up, since technically I work for the seminary, and the seminary was closed. But I’d been told my new student assistants might want to talk to me, so I hung around.

Give me a medal, somebody. I’ll put it where the Oscar should have gone.

Last night I dropped into the AvPD Chat Room for the first time. I joined a web group for people with Avoidant Personality Disorder recently, and they’ve been talking about this chat room. I haven’t had a regular chat room to participate in since I became a non-person at Baen Books, so I thought I’d try it.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that there were only three people there, counting me. What do you expect, trying to start a Loners’ Club? One was a guy from Singapore (where it was about 9:00 a.m.) and the other was a teenage girl whom I assume was somewhere in the U.S (as a prudential matter, I never ask teenage girls their locations online).

It’s very weird to communicate with other Avoidants. Trains of thought that seem perfectly reasonable when they run in my own mind sound utterly insane when other people express them. Now I know how normal people feel when they talk to me.

Maybe it’ll help me get some objectivity.

If it does, I’ll turn it into a PowerPoint.

3 thoughts on “What gain has the laborer from his toil?”

  1. Oh man…(bws is giggling helplessly) Before you even got to that part I was gone over the irony of an AVPD chat room….

    Sound of one hand clapping…

    hee hee hee

    I’m sorry, Lars – but that is really funny!

  2. Thanks, Lars, for sharing. Not easy. Admiring your bravery. There are folks that will be able to relate in many ways. Very healing. Would you please add my name to your already long list of good online friends?

    Risking embarrassing you and me, but asking permission anyway to give you a big blatant hug. ((((HUGS))))

    Whew! Okay, redfaced, but thanks, I needed that. 🙂

    Now, kind sir, please continue offering and developing your God-given writing and humor gifts for the edification of the body of believers and other seekers assembled here. You contribute much. Bless you for that!

    Blessings from a fellow struggler~

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