Irrational and Ignorant

Lynn Vincent, the managing editor of World Magazine’s blog, defines propaganda in the context of those who comment on the posts there. One contributor notes:

I’ve found the arguments used here (at Worldmagblog) so poor that I actually have my rhetoric class read the blog to find common fallacies. The most common is definitely Ad Hominem, but the readers here also love the False Dilemma, the False Cause and the Hasty Generalization. I also tell my students (at this Christian school) that they need to realize how ignorant Christians look in the real world of discourse.

3 thoughts on “Irrational and Ignorant”

  1. Maybe Lynn Vincent should learn how weak, vacillating and unprincipled intellectuals look in the real world of consequences. I’m all for the niceties of ‘discourse’, but I find that too much fastidiousness leads to a bloody compromise and inaction.

  2. I agree, but I don’t think she is defending those intellectuals. She’s defending civil conversation among non-experts, people who are informed and uninformed but rational and thoughtful.

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