Ignore this post

The post that follows is, as far as I can figure out, entirely pointless.

It has nothing to do with books, and it involves no stories of any detectable drama. I inform you only because I promised to, yesterday (Walker: a synonym for useless, unwanted integrity).

I live on a hillside, and a number of my neighbors have retaining walls running along their neighbors’ driveways, as I do. The difference between my retaining wall and any of my neighbors’ is that mine is much larger, and potentially more expensive to repair.

So I was distressed when a toolbox-sized chunk cracked itself out of the concrete this spring. I told my brothers, Moloch and Baal, and they offered to come up (and down, respectively) and see if we could repair it ourselves.

Since that time I’ve also noticed a tendency for rainwater to run into my basement, along the side that has not, for some reason, been equipped with rain gutters. Someone (and you know who you are) told me that putting up gutters, especially on a straight shot along one side of a house, is an easy afternoon job for a couple guys. So I asked M. and B. if they’d care to help me with that too.

They agreed. I bought supplies, borrowed a ladder at work to supplement the extension ladder I already own, and they came yesterday for the big work day.

Here’s where the story gets (even more) dull: Everything went great. We used patching cement to repair the wall, and the final result appears acceptable (at least as a temporary repair). We overcame some problems with awkward angles (since my ladders weren’t the ideal sizes or shapes), and the gutters went up handsomely. I don’t think professionals could have done that any better.

We did it all in a day. I provided the meals and basically hewed wood and drew water, leaving M. and B. to do the manly work.

They went home this morning, to resume their various duties.

And that’s it. It was a good day.

6 thoughts on “Ignore this post”

  1. For anyone looking for a book post; and who’s been horribly let down by Lars.

    A website that has a great collection of free ‘e books’ is Arthur’s classic novels. (arthurwendover.com) It’s an eclectic bunch of books; mainly older genre stuff. I found some books I’d been looking for; including ‘Republic of the southern cross.’ He’s got Hodgson sea stories, some John Silence stories by A. Blackwood, Weird tales from northern seas by Jonas lie, and much more.

  2. While Lars’s cement is drying 🙂

    what about this: Readers, what’s a good or notably interesting book you have been able, thanks to free books online, to get hold of, and have read?

    I’ll propose _Huntingtower_, an entertaining adventure by John Buchan. Jared Lobdell singled it out as one with Tolkienian affinities or even likely to have influenced Tolkien.

    – – And I’ll even offer another question: What’s a book you were interested in that you at least tracked down as an online offering, and found wouldn’t have been worth spending dollars to buy?

    I’ll offer Frederick Marryat’s _Snarleyyow Or The Dog Fiend_ (1837). I suppose the first place I read of this book was in Walter Allen’s book on the English novel. Allen speaks of its “eerie” qualities,” but is more correct in referring to it as a farce; and it’s not generally very himarious. The world will not be poorer if it is forgotten.

  3. And “hilarious,” not “himarious.”

    Now, when people see there are four responses to this blog item, they will look them up.

  4. Or note your comments on the “recent comments” page. Thank you for correcting your errors. I couldn’t have taken you seriously without them.

    And if you’re willing to buy that line of bull, let me show you this little item brought all the way from . . .

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