Going out and coming in

The temperature got up to 70 today, just to mock my depression (of course if it had been cold and rainy, I’d have thought that was mocking my depression too. I have an extremely broad mockery threshold).

Congratulations to any Democrats who wander in here. You won fair and square, and you’ve earned your celebration.

I myself find comfort in the following thoughts:

1. In any story, you’ve got to have setbacks. That’s what builds the plot. That’s what keeps interest up. In real life, setbacks are what keep us from being complacent. And the Republicans have been pretty stinking complacent over the last couple years.

2. Think of who the new congressional leadership will be. These are people eminently qualified to hang themselves, given adequate rope. And they’ll have rope a-plenty now.

My prospective renter came to look at the house today. He strikes me as a pretty good fit, a quiet guy, around my age, with professional credentials, who works with a Christian service organization. Likes to read. Likes to mow lawns.

He’s going to pray about it and get back to me. If you’re not overwhelmed with more important stuff to pray about, you might shoot up a quick prayer over this decision.

16 thoughts on “Going out and coming in”

  1. But… that might be a way to lose a roomie.

    I’m actually not all that depressed. I was happy in `04, ’02, and ’00, but the Republicans have been way out there too much lately. There’s nothing conservative about sex scandals, corruption, criminal charges, shuffling imaginary money to churches… Maybe they can try again in two years with a little more feeling.

    To quote Jerry Pournelle:

    (before the election)

    The election will be closer than anyone thought. The issues will be immigration and security. This election will be key; and will probably cause the Republicans to completely reorganize their structure, win or lose. The message is clear: the American people are concerned, and mad as hell at their leaders; but afraid of the opposition. This is a key election.

    After, he just said:

    Well, it’s fairly clear that the Republicans, having forfeited the right to rule, have well and truly lost it. It makes for an interesting evening…

  2. heh heh …Just joking, guys. Y’all know by now that I am completely harmless. 😡

    Will pray, however, that the Lord will send you His choice and that your home be filled with healing, peace and contentment. Anybody want to “amen” that?

  3. If you want to see an amazing photo; (“This is a FIRE RAINBOW – The rarest of all naturally occuring atmosphic phenomena.”) I recommend you visit chattablogs.com. (Omie)

  4. Found it at last (you might have mentioned that you have to go to a particular day on the calendar). But now the connection from there doesn’t work for me. Ah well. I’ll take your word for it.

  5. Lars, sorry. Let me know if you can’t see this. ~November 5th entry.

    What “gets” me about this fire rainbow is that it is just one of millions of magnificent and beautiful views that only God sees. It is amazing that He has pulled back the curtain allowing us to view just a glimpse or preview of heaven. His beauty surrounds us…and His nature heals us…

    Okay, everybody sing now, “This is my Father’s world….” :o)

    Thanks everybody. Happy that you enjoyed it. Was wondering if anybody was really benefiting from any of my (insert adjective here) blog offerings.

  6. #11 said; “What “gets” me about this fire rainbow is that it is just one of millions of magnificent and beautiful views that only God sees.”

    – That’s an interesting comment. I hadn’t thought about it but I suppose it must be true. The rain has stopped here, so I’m off for a walk… I might use your comment for a meditiation.

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