What an Honor! I’m Blushing.

Hey, Lars! We’ve been nominated for an award in the 4th Annual Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards. We’re in the category: “Best Blog by a Heretic.” I’m not joking, and I hope we stomp our competition.

In celebration of this nomination, I offer this video of one of my favorite songs–favorite being a loosely defined word that could mean anything.

4 thoughts on “What an Honor! I’m Blushing.”

  1. Twasn’t me that done it, as I tend not to pay much attention to these awards–but given that you’ve been nominated and all, why, I have to say it couldn’t have happened to a nicer pair.

  2. Being called a “heretic” by somebody whom you consider heretical isn’t an insult. It merely means they understand your position.

    But I don’t think Norwegeans, or their descendants, are allowed to call anybody else “fish-eaters”. 😉

  3. That’s the way I’m taking it, Ori. I don’t mind being called a heretic. I’ve called a few people that myself or at least their ideas heresy.

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