A Song for Earth Day

Our Hope and Expectation,

O Jesus, now appear;

Arise, thou Sun so longed for,

O’er this benighted sphere.

With hearts and hands uplifted,

We plead, O Lord to see

The day of earth’s redemption

That brings us unto thee.

Rejoice, all ye believers,

And let your lights appear;

The evening is advancing,

And darker night is near:

The Bridegroom is arising,

And soon he draweth nigh;

Up, pray, and watch, and wrestle:

At midnight comes the cry.

See that your lamps are burning;

Replenish them with oil;

And wait for your salvation,

The end of earthly toil.

The watchers on the mountain

Proclaim the Bridegroom near,

Go meet him as he cometh,

With Alleluias clear.

Ye saints, who here in patience

Your cross and suff’rings bore,

Shall live and reign for ever,

When sorrow is no more:

Around the throne of glory

The Lamb ye shall behold,

In triumph cast before him

Your diadems of gold.

Words by Laurentius Laurenti

3 thoughts on “A Song for Earth Day”

  1. As a pre-school and elementary school kid, sweating in the brown pew, staining my once white shirt, I wondered then as I wonder now…. what is a diamen?

    Thank you.

  2. Good fellow, Phil, as I suspected but was too hesitant to say outright… Crown, diadem…yup one almost the same…. although, with that “di..” on there I wondered maybe there were two crowns or a double crown involved… and besides with the “dem” on the end, well you know dems, I hope, you gotta watch out for dem!! So, from here, I think I shall just progress onward……………

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