More Coffee Geeks Are Home Roasting

As I brew some coffee to take to work this morning, let me pass on the news that roasting coffee beans at home is on the rise, according to this report from AP writer Brad Foss. He writes about coffee lovers who want the freshiest cup they can get, even if that means they have to buy the beans green and roast them over a gas grill at home.

It doesn’t require a lot of time, money or equipment to roast coffee beans at home — less than 10 minutes in an air popcorn popper does the trick — but enthusiasts devote plenty of each to the craft.

Home roasters congregate at Web sites such as, where they exchange techniques; they get together in person to sample, or “cup,” each other’s beans; and many maintain log books, where they record details such as the amount of time and heat applied to each batch they roast.

“Some guys are over the top,” said Dave Borton of Monroe, Wis., who has been roasting at home since January, belongs to an Internet-based bean buyers club and gives away about two pounds of freshly roasted beans every week to co-workers and members of his church. “My wife would tell you I am over the top.”

And I will tell you this is over the top for me, but in case you are interested in roasting your own beans, you can look for “countertop electric roasters” for $75-$500. Invite some friends over when you do it, and don’t complain if they want their drinks weaker than yours.

8 thoughts on “More Coffee Geeks Are Home Roasting”

  1. I consider myself a true devotee of the cup of trembling… but that is definitely OVER the top for me. I did have a strange attraction to some Starbucks Christmas ornaments though… Man! What do they put in that stuff!

  2. No… Though that does sound intriguing. Little ceramic coffee cups. Very CUTE. But I don’t think my tree should have product endorsements.

    Now if you want edible and coffee related, try the Tiger Bar from Endangered Species Chocolate. Dark chocolate with crushed espresso beans. Ohhhhh yeah.

  3. A Tiger Bar looks good. I was given chocolate covered espresso beans a few years ago and lost my admiration of them. Could have been chocolate and wood chips–the beans would splinter up as I chewed.

  4. I bet that’s a slippery slope. First, you won’t allow product endorsement on your Christmas tree. Next, you won’t want . . .

    um . . . Santa coming down the chimney. Or something.

    (This comment is sponsored by GE, Bausch & Lomb, Scoop Dog Ltd., Coca-Cola, and your neighborhood Ace Hardware.)

  5. re comment #7…AUGH!

    I will shamefacedly admit to some Pooh and Veggietales ornaments. The Pooh ones are from my early days as a Disney-worshipper and the kids like them. The Veggie one is Junior Asparagus as the DrummerBoy and that was too perfect for my Veggietales/Drums obsessed Asperger boy. But other than that….I think I’m endorsement free.

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