5 thoughts on “The Friday Fight (a bit late)”

  1. Same guy as with the longspear? You need to push in. He’s relying on forcing his opponents back; everything he does is about distance. Push him onto his heels, and see how he does when he’s the one trying to move in the way his toes aren’t pointing.

  2. Yes, many of these videos are of the main guy in this group. I think your comments are good, but did you see that he was struck at one point? I think it’s 12 seconds in, and afterward the man stands down a bit for a couple seconds before carrying on. He says in the comments on his YouTube page that he left the taller man an opening to kill him, after being struck, but the man didn’t take it, so the big guy resumed the battle in full.

    I think the 19 second mark shows who was losing the battle of minds. The taller man isn’t pushing in; he’s running.

  3. I’ll bear this in mind if I face John over Memorial Day weekend. But I have to say he’s a pretty intimidating opponent. Not just because he bellows in a threatening way, but he also trains a lot, and is good at what he does.

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