9 thoughts on “Who would make your top 10?”

  1. Well let’s not forget Samwise Gamgee. As I’ve gotten older and read and reread the books, I am more and more struck by the beauty of Sam’s character.

    Let’s see…

    For me –

    Elizabeth Bennett

    Father Tim

    Jeeves and Wooster – they influence me to laugh…a lot!

    Ender Wiggin

    When I was young…

    Betsy in the Betsy Tacy books

    Laura Ingalls – though not exactly fictional

    Jo in Little Women

  2. Whoa. I just read the list. Color me dim but it didn’t occur to me to include movie characters – I was just thinking literature! I still wouldn’t have named any that were on the list though.

  3. That’s a rather strange list. The Marlboro Man??!! I thought he was former SD congressman Clint Roberts, though maybe the MM is just a character that Roberts played.

    It’s possible, though not certain, that St. Valentine was a real person. And St. Nicholas of Myra was a real person, though definitely nothing like Santa Claus.

    By “the American cowboy” I assume they mean the Hollywood stereotype, since there were many real cowboys, and still are some.

    I was going to say, stormily, that Hiawatha was a real person, but I see on Wikipedia that Longfellow’s Hiawatha was fictionalized.

    So I guess some of the entries are fictionalized versions of real people, so I can stop blustering.

    I agree with blestwithsons on Sam Gamgee. He’s my favorite hobbit.

  4. I fixed your link.

    Yes, Santa Claus is definately not St. Nicholas of the early church.

    I forgot to add Tom Bombadil to my list. He has had an influence on me. I’ve tried to make a decent melody to his songs–don’t know if I’ve succeeded.

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