Losing face

I don’t know whether to take pride in this or feel like the kid not invited to the party.

Oh heck, I guess I’ll go with Number Two. It’s what I know best.

I saw a display from Myheritage.com on somebody’s blog the other day (if it was yours, I apologize. I just can’t remember which blog it was). They’re a genealogy site, but they have a sideline that uses face recognition software to tell people (on the basis of an uploaded picture) what famous people they resemble. They encourage you to post the result on your blog.

I thought, “That’s cool. I’ll probably be matched with somebody really embarrassing and be able to bounce a couple jokes off it.”

So I tried it today.


No matches. Not a single famous person looks at all like me.

This leaves me just where I was before with the eternal question, “Who would I choose to play me in a movie based on my life?”

I’ve agonized over this decision for years. Especially since Michael J. Pollard stopped working.

I’ll have to play me myself.

But who will play The Young Walker?

Maybe Michael J. Pollard has a kid.

13 thoughts on “Losing face”

  1. You really shouldn’t sweat this one. I tried it out, too. I have a typical guy haircut with glasses and a goatee. I tried two different pictures that show me looking pretty much the same. The first time I got Russell Crowe. The second time I got Rita Hayworth!

  2. I tried it with a couple photos, both with some attractive results. I don’t really think I look like Faith Hill, but perhaps we could come from similar roots. The one name which appeared in both sets of results must be my closest celeb. look-alike, right? That one name for me was Christopher Lee.

    Oh, well. It’s nighttime now, and I need to go hunting. Bye.

  3. I seem to have hit the jackpot. The most notable of my ten matches were Alan Alda, Emperor Akihito, Walter Mondale, Dolph Lundgren, Helen Clark (NZ prime minister), Barry Gibb, and Chevy Chase. If you added a silvery beard to either Emperor Akihito or PM Clark, the resemblance isn’t half-bad! The others, well, they’re a bit more remote. So am I destined to become a world leader?

  4. Look on the bright side, Lars, it means that if you ever go into field espionage as a career, you’ll have an excellent tactical advantage 🙂

  5. I used a less than typical picture, and got Francis Crick (59%), David Hasselhoff (56 %), Enrico Caruso (55%), Jericho Rosales (52%) (never heard of him),John Goodman (51%), Billy Bob Thornton (51%), Sydney Pollack (51%), Aristide Briand (51%),Michael Kiske (50%), and Cary Grant (50%)(!)

    Going to have my daughter shoot a full face, straight face shot and see what that brings.

    Fun. Thanks!

  6. blest: but he’s griping because he doesn’t look like any moderately distinctive people! If he has an unmemorable face…

  7. I don’t have a clue who Elisha Culhbert (62%) or Bridget Moynahan (59%) are, however, I’ll take Vanna White (63%), which is really a stretch of the imagination. >grin< In actuality, I am more like a blond Paula Dean.

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