Boogieman as Censor

Loren Eaton talks about censorship in light of last week’s banned books celebration. Did you attend any book burnings or Protest The Read rallies? I was out of town, so I missed the usual fun.

From the Wall Street Journal article to which Loren links, complaints are as good as actual bans for the American Library Association (ALA): “For the ALA, what makes them censors is that they spoke up at all: ‘True’ patriots, presumably, would have kept quiet. Who, then, is afraid of discourse?” Indeed.

7 thoughts on “Boogieman as Censor”

  1. Maybe we should all complain to our library about the banning of Lars’s books and then they would all add him to their book buying list.

  2. In my area, most donated books go to the Friends of the Library book sale to raise money to buy the books they really want. If it catches the eye of the screening person, they may run it by the circulation committee.

  3. I just searched both regional libraries with branches near me. Neither has a Lars Walker book. When I searched the statewide interlibrary system, three libraries in the state have Wolf Time and one has Wolf Time, Year of the Warrior and West Oversea.

    That just proves we have a lot of censorship to overcome.

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