8 thoughts on “Have a Merry Seasonal Time”

  1. Lars; I wonder if you can help me out. Once upon a time I had a record (yes, a record) of a norwegian singer (or scandinavian) of classical bent… who recorded a christmas album. (It was a double album as I recall.) I can’t remember her name. I wonder if you can remember such a recording. I’d like to listen to it again. (I’ve tried google, but have come up empty.)As I recall the music was of a baroque nature.

  2. I’m sorry, Searider. Sissel’s the only one who comes to mind, and you must know her name if you’re hanging out here. You ought to try Sissel’s Christmas album though. It’s pure gold.

  3. Thanks guys; but I’m beginning to think I dreamed the whole thing up. This was definitely (yeah right) a classical singer; and as I remember it this was a reissue of an earlier recording. And I think it may have been sung in norwegian or swedish. (I spent about an hour on search engines; so it may not even exist. My only hope now is looking thru some old boxes up in the ‘attic’ of the garage.)

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