Welcome to the New Brandywine Books

Brandywine Books sealI’m having a hard time blogging in present due to a loud recording of me reading an abridged Alice in Wonderland to my sweet children. They have left the room now, but the recording still plays. But enough on the personal life.

Welcome to the new Brandywine Books. In case you are brand, spanking new to this blog, let me explain that we are not affliated in any way with the Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania and Delaware or the rare and used bookseller by the same name in Winter Park, Florida. Brandywine Books is a blog name of my own creation, inspired by the river in east Hobbiton where Meriadoc Brandybuck’s family makes their home.

This is the second home of this blog. The first is on the blogspot servers, where I hope it will stay for a while in order to maintain the integrity of the Internet (or something). I will repost some of the old posts, if they are still interesting, and soon a list of popular posts will appear in the sidebar.

Let us know what you think of the new blog. Have a good weekend.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Brandywine Books”

  1. Nice. You might be able to export your old posts in a form such that you can import them here with the same dates. I was able to do that when I moved from Movable Type to Word Press, at any rate.

  2. Will, if I can export them from Blogger or import them here, I haven’t found the control yet. I don’t think it’s an option this time.

  3. OK now a couple of things.

    I have to post here because there is no

    -email address?

    -sign in every comment?

    -you don’t show up on blogroll as updated anymore.

    -side column at the bottom?

    Ya I know gripe gripe gripe…

    and what’s with this “David Letterman” stupid human trick:)

  4. The simple human trick and “sign in every comment” is the same thing, right? That’s a spam deterant. I don’t have much experience with it because the original BwB had comments separated from the posts, so spammers gained nothing by spamming there. But maybe our low profile helped too.

    The side column problem is due to your small monitor, I’ll bet, but I think I can help a little.

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