Tim Keller Interview with DG (Part 2)

Desiring God has the second of their 45 minute interviews with author and pastor Tim Keller. This one is stirring, talking about social justice and a Christian obligation to help the poor and reject a middle class mentality.

I listened to this tonight after having a difficult day for multiple reasons, one of which was my grief over the circumstances of a homeless, jobless man I know. I don’t want to pay for one night’s hotel room, because that doesn’t help him stand on his own, but what do you do when a man tells you he has no where to stay and he’s afraid he’ll freeze to death? I called around to ask for help and got a good answer from a friend in my church, but that wasn’t the answer my homeless buddy took.

I hope I don’t hear from him tomorrow, but if I do, I know what I will say. I respect him as a man made in God’s image, and I want to help him overcome his current struggles, but I can’t enable him to live in a twisted type of freedom. There’s another man he needs to go see who will develop him, a man he needs to give another chance.

I need to stop thinking about this. The Lord is far more capable than I have ever been to handle a life of hard knocks.

2 thoughts on “Tim Keller Interview with DG (Part 2)”

  1. Yes, it’s very hard, and I’m still feeling the weight of it. I give it to God and take it back again. It may be a very good thing that I will be out of town next week.

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