We (heart) Hunter Baker

Today being Valentine’s Day, forever after known as the day two days after Dr. Hunter Baker sent Lars Walker a Kindle, I think it apropos to recall posts on this wonderful blog in which we’ve described the good doctor. You saw in Lars’ last post, Dr. Baker was labeled the “prize-winning author of The End of Secularism,” which is still in print and makes great graduation and Father’s Day gifts.

Just the other day, Dr. Baker was “that unspeakable poltroon,” which is another word for “coward.” A while back, he was “our friend … (may his books always be in print).” And still farther back?

  1. “The unspeakable Hunter Baker (don’t buy his book)”
  2. “Blog friend (but dire enemy of Lars Forkbeard”)
  3. “Fiend in human shape”
  4. “Mortal enemy”
  5. “The unspeakable”
  6. “World famous author”
  7. Immortal

My, how things have changed.

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