More Hunter Baker news!

The story behind the story: If you’re wondering what sparked Dr. Hunter Baker’s recent madness, this is the inside story, from Mere Comments:

I’m pleased to report that Mere Comments contributor Hunter Baker is the recipient of the 2011 Novak Award from the Acton Institute. Hunter is associate dean of arts and sciences and associate professor of political science at Union University in Jackson, Tenn., and author of The End of Secularism (Crossway Academic, 2009). From the release:

With his writing and speaking in a variety of popular and academic contexts, Dr. Hunter Baker has made a compelling and comprehensive case for the integration of the Christian faith into all areas of life, including economics and business. … Baker said the award was made all the more meaningful to him in light of the “power and diligence” that Michael Novak has shown over a long career. “Novak’s work helps readers understand the importance of the Christian faith as both a supernatural relationship with God that stirs the soul and as a powerful impetus for and sustainer of liberty, compassion, creativity, and excellence in the broader culture,” he said.

Congratulations to Hunter Baker.

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  1. Thank you, Lars. Let’s hope I make it to the National Book Award panel someday so I can pester the other members with incessant calls for a retroactive Book of the Year nod to Year of the Warrior.

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