Harbingers of spring, with strawberries

Strawberries Hagens

Photo credit: Wouter Hagens

What was my day like?

Well, it snowed a couple inches last night, so I drove to work using my newly restored four wheel drive, always a pleasure. But the day itself was so warm that the snow is pretty much gone from the driveway this evening. There’s some shreds out there I could shovel out (couldn’t blow it; it’s just slush), but why bother when it’ll be around forty tomorrow?

This is a perfect winter day, by my lights.

My brother in Iowa quotes a member of his church who says, “Once it gets to snow in March, I figure what the Lord giveth He’ll also taketh away.”

That’s not a reliable rule in Minnesota, but it’s working just now.

We had a blood drive at work, and I enriched the national stocks by one pint of rich Norwegian blood. The technicians seemed a little friendlier than usual today. I took that as a sign of bad economic times; the Red Cross is able to recruit a better motivated crop of workers, people who used to have better jobs and haven’t forgotten their people skills. The lady who stuck me was quite friendly, but not, alas, adept with the needle. She even apologized for it. I pretended to feel nothing, needless to say, because that’s the Code of the Walkers.

Bought some strawberries on the way home, and idly checked their calorie value. Wow! I think strawberries are the only thing in the world I really like that are extremely low in calories. Except for popcorn, but I only like that with butter, so it doesn’t count.

5 thoughts on “Harbingers of spring, with strawberries”

  1. I do enjoy the crisp mornings we are having here in Nanjing, and then having the day warm up just enough to be bearable walking home after work.

    Now if we could only get some strawberries that didn’t look like they would kill us.

  2. They won’t let me add my sturdy English blood to the national stocks.

    I lived in the UK between 1980 and 1995, or some such dates. Therefore, my blood could be full of vCJD prions from all those mad cows I ate…

    Of course the chances of that impacting me are incredibly slim, and anyone else minuscule…but hey, they gotta play it safe…

    Its rather disappointing. I used to give blood regularly in Britain.

    (And as a token of my support for the poor farmers of Britain, I can’t help pointing out that Britain may have had BSE first and worse, but its been reported just about everywhere.)

  3. A-ha!!!! Now there is NO longer any way to cast doubts as to the cousin-ness here…

    Both enjoying strawberries AND popcorn AND Lady Sissel!(? on the spelling). Such a deal!

    (I prefer Jolly Time white myself but that is immaterial.)

    And of course this does not take into account the fact that we are both incredibly handsome, have great senses of humor and most of all love our Lord.

    Nope no doubt! Dad can now go to his grave in peace…

  4. Ian, yes, I suspect they know that, but cutting something out of the READ THIS FIRST booklet would violate the Federal Obfuscation Maximization Act of 1972…

    John, I’m sorry your father was so worried about my paternity…

  5. Dude, Englishmen are flat crazy. Everybody knows it. They don’t want your loony blood in pure American veins. That’s what the war was about!

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