Lo, the Beggar Cometh

Six hamburgers, fries and cokes—Doug toddles to his car, fast food bags stuffed between his arms. Setting a drink tray on top of his minivan, he catches a beggar’s empty stare across the parking lot. He fumbles for his keys. The beggar shudders to his feet. Finally inside, Doug locks the doors, drops the keys, and starts the minivan.

“Stay calm,” he mutters. “Don’t know why he’s waving. Can’t see him.”

He drives away, watching the sad beggar in the side mirror. The red light comes up quick, and with his jerky stop, coke sloshes his windshield from above.

(100 Word Short Short or Flash Fiction)

2 thoughts on “Lo, the Beggar Cometh”

  1. Yes, this came from an experience I had when I saw someone, not a beggar, and suspected him. I had to put my drinks on top of the minivan in order to get in the door too.

    Anyway, these short shorts are challenging. They probably are not good training for novel writing. Every word doesn’t have to count as much in a novel.

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