Harsh reality

DATELINE HOLLYWOOD: A spokesperson for the Me Too Channel announced today the addition of an exciting new reality to show to their fall lineup.

The program is to be entitled, “Reality Show Reality Show,” and will feature four teams of contestants who will be transported around the nation by livestock truck, following a route determined by a GPS device set on “Random.” The object of the competition will be to find some area of life that has not yet been covered in a reality show. Participants will have points deducted from their scores for any sign of taste, modesty, or empathy for others. Weekly losers will be forced to remain on the program.

In related news, attorneys in Los Angeles announced a class action suit on behalf of every person in America who has not yet been a reality show contestant. “We are suing because it’s obvious to the meanest intelligence that absolutely no talent, brains, or skill of any kind is necessary to be a reality show contestant,” said chief litigator E. Cleveland Weckmeyer. “Therefore all Americans, however feckless, ignorant, or maladroit have the same right to be on such a program as the people who’ve already made money off such appearances. Let me add that if anything ought to be a basic right in a great country like America, it’s reality. Our plaintiffs have been denied their right to reality, and we intend to redress that wrong. Additionally, they’ll get a full dose of reality once they see our legal fees.”

3 thoughts on “Harsh reality”

  1. Ah! Finally!! Now maybe the communist, Marxist, progressive, liberal, Obamaite, dems can get a dose of reality as they so sorely need!!!

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