Two-ton trailer

At long last! Months in the making! Hundreds spent! A cast of a dozen or so! My book trailer for West Oversea.

Looking at it dispassionately now, I’m generally pleased. There are some rough joins that could be sanded down a little, and I might have synched the music to the action better, but my main frustrations still have to do with Windows Live Movie Maker’s inherent limitations, especially in terms of sound editing.

Still, I think I achieved something resembling what I intended.

Now it remains for you, my loyal posse, to spread it around. Make it viral.

Or at least mildly allergic.

10 thoughts on “Two-ton trailer”

  1. Richard, it seems to have been a rare, high-status thing. There’s a mention in the eddas that the god Heimdal had “golden teeth.” That may be a reference to this fashion.

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