I was going to review a book tonight, but I forgot my Kindle at work, and so can’t re-check my highlights. Ah well. This is the busiest bookselling week of the year, and I’m training a new assistant. That about exhausts my multitasking skills.

Our friend Ori Pomerantz directed me to this music video (sorry, embedding disabled) by a Quebecois musical group. I suppose I read my own beliefs into it, but it seems to me a succinct post mortem on the whole social history of the 20th Century.

Of course it’s a good thing that we have more options in our lives than our ancestors did. I take great pride, as a Christian pietist, in the part we played in creating an order where a man (or woman) doesn’t have to be exactly what his father (or her mother) was.

But I think we all sense that something has gone missing, too. We’re plants uprooted from the soil. We aren’t sure what we are, or where we fit in the scheme of things.

Something has been lost. Our great disagreements in this culture (I think) consist in deciding what particular things out of the past we need to carry with us as we go forward.

By the way, Ori lives in the Austin, Texas area, as does our friend Aitchmark. Let’s pray for everybody down there in the midst of the fire danger.

One thought on “Degeneration”

  1. Here is the link to the video.

    I suspect the Austin fires are God trying to send a message to Rick Perry. I’m not sure what the message is, but I’m pretty sure our governor will interpret it as “get out of town, move to somewhere on the east coast, preferably between Virginia and Pennsylvania”. 😉

    Being uprooted is a valid metaphor, but I don’t think it is the correct one. Uprooted plants die. We’re more like one of the generations during the transition from hunter/gatherer to agriculturalist. We’re not sure how to handle our new circumstances.

    Maybe I should be worried about it, but I’m not. I just do the best I can, and assume God will take care of the rest. I may not know where we’re going, but He does.

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