9 thoughts on “Who Are You?”

  1. Phil!

    You don’t know the master of space opera, E.E. “Doc” Smith? Why without Smith, there’d be no Star Wars or Star Trek. Wherever fast-talking rocket jockeys rescue curvaceous alien princesses from hordes of tentacled brain-suckers from planet Zebulon, you can bet that E.E. “Doc” Smith chronicled their exploits. With plenty of laser-gun blasts, too.


  2. I was very attracted to a curvaceous alien princess once, then she took me home to meet the family. I’m not doing that again. I think I still hear voices.

  3. I looked up the list. There are 26 possible names.

    a: Isaac Asimov

    b: Alfred Bester

    c: Arthur C. Clarke

    d: David Brin

    e: Octavia E. Butler

    f: Philip José Farmer

    g: Gregory Benford

    h: Frank Herbert

    i: Samuel R. Delany

    j: Jerry Pournelle

    k: Mickey Spillane

    l: Ursula LeGuin

    m: Stanislav Lem

    n: William Gibson

    o: Olaf Stapledon

    p: Philip K. Dick

    q: Hal Clement

    r: Robert A. Heinlein

    s: E.E. “Doc” Smith

    t: James Tiptree, Jr.

    u: Jules Verne

    v: Kurt Vonnegut

    w: H.G. Wells

    x: Cordwainer Smith

    y: Ayn Rand

    z: John Brunner

  4. Lars; I would thought you were a jerry pournelle. I was Hal clement; and I’m depressed about it. (I might have hoped for P. Dick, or C. Smith.)

    p.s. I believe c. smith was a christian who (having christian parents) grew up in china. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

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