Film of a reading by a fat man

Because I know so many of you have this on your bucket lists, I offer the video below. It’s film of me doing a reading of one of my Norwegian translations for a meeting of the Georg Sverdrup Society, last winter.

The Willmar Meeting and Lay Activity – Georg Sverdrup Translation from Tim Larson on Vimeo.

A couple cautions are in order. It’s a big file, and may take a while to load. Also the sound level is low. Also I have an irritating mannerism which looks as if I’m trying to suck popcorn husks out of my teeth (I believe I had a cough drop in my mouth).

And finally, for my high church Lutheran friends, you may find the subject matter blood pressure-raising.

Have a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Film of a reading by a fat man”

  1. Hey, it’s good to see and hear you, and that’s an interested topic. It fits with CBMC thinking neatly. CBMC (Christian Business Men’s Connection) has been a layman’s advocate in a sense for a long time.

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