Low-grade cabin fever raving

Had a disturbing message on my answering machine when I got home tonight. I heard the voice of an older woman, very muffled, saying something incomprehensible about snow, and being late for work, ending with “Help me out, here.”

I think.

I don’t know who she is, and I don’t know who she was calling when she accidentally dialed my number. Whatever help she wanted she didn’t get, and it’s all over by now.

But I still feel guilty.

It was almost as cold today as yesterday, but it didn’t feel as bad. That’s one of the great things about cold weather. Even a small improvement registers palpably. I remember a year when we spent several days around 20 and 30 below, and when we got back up to zero it felt positively spring-like.

It also snowed a couple inches, which pleases me because it protects the roots of my sick tree. (Yes, hard as it may be for southerners to believe, snow does actually protect the ground from hard freezing. It has an insulating effect).

I’m in low spirits tonight, and I have a dentist appointment coming up, so that’s about all I’ve got.

I’ll share this link for adult footy pajamas, shared with me by an online friend.

I could go off on a rant about the infantilization of our culture, but…

They look kind of neat, really. Especially on a night like this.

2 thoughts on “Low-grade cabin fever raving”

  1. Had a similarly odd experience on Saturday– teh phone rang, so I picked it up. There was silence for a second ort two, and then suddenly I heard some man saying “..out of the house and I have no place else to go, man.” Then silence again.

    I said hello several times; no reply, and no further sounds.

    I did not recognize the man’s voice.

    I don’t have *69 service, having never previously felt a need for it.

    Whoever it was never called back. Whatever glitch connected them to my phone has not reoccurred.


  2. hmmm?….so the theory goes, there are no accidents. Maybe send up a quick prayer for these “in distress” folks?

    Not that I do that when some jerk accidently gets my number at 3 a.m. and then I cannot get back to sleep. Grrrr!

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