Present company excepted of course…

Jeffrey Lord writes at The American Spectator site today about the Democratic Party and race.

I think he makes a lot of sense.

He particularly reinforced my prejudices in regard to questions of war and peace:

It is striking that Democratic Party history shows a repeated pattern of wanting to declare failure and come home in the Civil War, Vietnam and Iraq or opposed involvement in Grenada, the first Gulf War over Kuwait or stopping the genocide in Rwanda – all wars that involved liberating non-whites.

I’m probably being judgmental, even though I used to be a Democrat myself (never a peace-at-any-price Democrat, but a Democrat).

In any case, this argument certainly does not apply to any Democrat who happens to be reading this.

3 thoughts on “Present company excepted of course…”

  1. But the present war is one that has lost the support of many conservatives and people who always vote Republican. It’s very questionable that we should be expending enormous amounts of treasure – – and life – – to create a democratic nation state thousands of miles from our shores, however advantageous that might be for us in terms of strategically-located air bases, access to oil, etc.

  2. I’m having trouble agreeing with you, Dale, on the questionable nature of fighting for democracy in Iraq. As for the money, the U.S. Gov’n has wasted just as much money on more demonstrably worse projects, so I don’t think that’s a strong argument. As for the soldiers who have lost their lives, I’m sure some of them could have been saved by the absence of misguided or self-serving politics.

    But we have evil men who plan to conquer our world through unorthodox methods. We must take the war to them as we have, and by fighting in Iraq, we may destabilize the entire Middle East such that we thwart some or all of their terrorist plans. It’s a good goal. Our national media needs to slow and think through their messages and news templates, because they are misguided and partisan.

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