New Audio Drama: Ender’s Game Alive

I’ve heard Ender’s Game in audiobook, but this is something new. Orson Scott Card has written a new script for his wildly popular book and it is available today as Ender’s Game Alive. Card says it’s the best version of his story yet.

Orson Scott Card – Author of Ender’s Game Alive from Skyboat Media on Vimeo.

This new audioplay is performed by Kirby Heyborne, Stefan Rudnicki, Theodore Bikel, Scott Brick, Samantha Eggar, Harlan Ellison, Susan Hanfield, Roxanne Hernandez, Janis Ian, Rex Linn, and Richard McGonagle among others. Here’s a taste of it:

Stefan Rudnicki as Col. Hyrum Graff in Ender’s Game Alive from Skyboat Media on Vimeo.

One thought on “New Audio Drama: Ender’s Game Alive”

  1. Thanks so much for the mention. We produced and narrated all the original EG audios, but this is a new one. It’s different, with sound effects, music and 100 characters, real space opera! This week I think is giving away the 1st four chapters for free if you sign up. But thanks again for your support. We’d like to be able to do more like these with other authors (Harry Potter Books, Game of Thrones, Scalzi, etc.). Could be a whole radio drama revival of popular sci-fi and fantasy series. Again, thanks for the link. We work in such a vacuum that it’s wonderful to know someone is listening!

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