Amazon vs. The World: Next Episode

A few days ago, we pointed out the news that Amazon was not taking pre-orders and delaying orders for books from Hachette. We’re talking books you have heard of, possibly read already, or may be looking forward to, such as J.K. Rowling’s next crime novel. (Read an excerpt through that link.)

Here’s a quick fact list on the Hachette dispute.

Now Amazon is refusing to take pre-orders for The LEGO Movie and other DVDs from Warner Home Video because of a contract delay.

Writers David Streitfeld and Melissa Eddy suggest the biggest bookseller on the planet actually needs the money: “Amazon hasn’t really explained what it is after, but here’s one compelling theory: The company just doesn’t have enough money to finance everything it wants to do. Rather than trim its ambitions, it is putting one side of its business through the wringer to pay for another.”

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