To Everything, Spin, Spin, Spin

Off the cuff, I can’t whole-heartedly recommend a new encyclopedia from an American conservative viewpoint even though they may be onto something. This is their aim:

Conservapedia is an online resource and meeting place where we give full credit to Christianity and America. Conservapedia is student-friendly. You will much prefer using Conservapedia compared to Wikipedia if you want concise, clean answers free of “political correctness”.

I guess the proof will be in the pudding no matter what the authors’ intent, but being styled a conservative encyclopedia gives the immediate impression of political slant, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “To Everything, Spin, Spin, Spin”

  1. The only thing ‘strange’ about it is the honesty. I repeat myself but; neutrality is a myth. Everyone has their partial (limited) view on things; but few are willing to admit it. Since we are all finite, fallible, sinful beings all of life is necessarily a matter of faith.

  2. I agree, SR, but this doesn’t sound right to me. It’s one thing to present yourself as a scholar who can be trusted to present the truth or the facts fairly. It’s another to present yourself as a conservative in opposition to liberal bias. I stand with conservatives everywhere I go, but sometimes we shout hypocrisy and bias when we should be simply arguing for truth and reason. That’s why I point this out.

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