Secularism Isn’t Destined to Win

James K.A. Smith sets up the next issue of Comment by asking, “What if secularism is loudest precisely because it is a final cry before it is unveiled as implausible and unsustainable? Doesn’t the emperor shout loudest about the beauty of his raiment precisely when he least believes it himself?”

The Vision of St. John by El Greco

4 thoughts on “Secularism Isn’t Destined to Win”

  1. I agree with Lars. It’s ironic that the the same people who have dedicated their lives to casting off moral restraints and embracing deviant lifestyles are the same folk who promote the growth and acceptance of the religion that brings with it the strictest moral restraints and harshest rejection of deviant lifestyles.

  2. I honestly don’t think Western Civilization will last that long. Not at this rate of self-destruction. Looking at Europe, we should all be very afraid of where we’re headed.

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