Unbelievable, True-to-Life Hollywood Mystery

When director William Desmond Taylor was murdered, no one in 1922 Los Angeles knew who did it. William Mann spins all the details into a wild noir that “seems far too cinematic to be credible. Yet every word of it is true,” writes Stefan Kanfer.

… the author spins a terrific yarn, though he frequently goes into overdrive, with staccato, machine gun-style sentences, as if to keep his readers’ attention from wandering: “Three long blond hairs. Clearly not Taylor’s. With a tweezers, the detective removed the hairs and placed them in an envelope. Now he just needed to match them to someone’s head.”

(via Prufrock)

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  1. Years back I read Sidney Kirkpatrick’s A Cast of Killers, about this murder. The conclusion he reached was rather shocking, but I seem to have read there are other viable theories.

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