I see dark clouds anyway

If today’s weather were a meal, I wouldn’t be able to afford the restaurant where they serve it.

It’s 65° right now, and tomorrow’s supposed to be even nicer. When I took my evening walk, it seemed like everybody else in the community had the same idea. Pasty-faced Minnesotans were crawling out of their lairs, blinking in the sunlight, and stretching themselves like badgers (Gophers would be more appropriate, since the badger is Wisconsin’s animal, but badger sounds better).

Life felt good.

Which, of course, it isn’t.

I don’t do much politics here, with good reason, but I’d like to go on record with the opinion that the Islamists have now been notified that they can have anything in the world they want, including the full submission of the United States to Sharia law, if they remain ruthless enough for long enough.

I’m sure the American left will be perfectly content to watch their gay friends being stoned to death, just as long as we’re not at war. The important thing is not to be at war.

My big question is, once Islam has conquered the world, and the only war left is the one between Sunnis and Shiites, which side will the left support?

3 thoughts on “I see dark clouds anyway”

  1. This reminds me of a point Limbaugh made not long ago, in light of the Playboy editor in Indonesia who was convicted under Islamic law. He told liberals that making nice won’t save them from the Muslim radicals, and they can count on being high on their list of people to eliminate when the opportunity comes. In other news, a Canadian said he didn’t think it was a stretch to worry that Sharia law would prevent the proclamation of the gospel in Canada within 25 years. If liberals will buy the idea that religious liberty allows some districts to enforce sharia law . . .

  2. I think the left will be applauding China, who will be seizing the moment to seal their own bid for world domination after letting everybody else duke it out for awhile. And people will see them as saviors.

    On a lighter note, I like the Veggie Tales quote you have up today. I can see Larry dancing the “Dance of the Cucumber” right now.

  3. Don’t worry, Lars. As long as Texas has good ol’ boys, there will be a place that Sharia won’t reach.

    And we got a *lot* of good ol’ boys.

    Of course, you’ll have to get used to a little warm weather, but it’s a dry heat.

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