Cliches and Lowing the Boom

I learned through Rebecca of Rebecca Writes about and the handy Cliche of the Day. At first, I thought this a cool little resource. Now, I think I’ll avoid it. If I fill my head with cliches, I’ll become a twisted and disturbed old man. Maybe I just need the cup of tea I just steeped for a better mood. Maybe I should go out for some live steel combat.

You know, that reminds me of the warning the thespians gave before the start of Julius Caesar at Atlanta’s Shakespeare Tavern. They told us to go the bathroom before or during the intermission, because afterward angry men with real swords could be running through the hallway at any time–which they did. It was great.

4 thoughts on “Cliches and Lowing the Boom”

  1. Today’s cliche is “old ball and chain”, and the definitions given are:

    1. A spouse.

    2. A husband or wife.

    Hmmm… are they saying that there are other types of spouses these days besides the options given in #2?

  2. I don’t like the word ‘spouse.’ It’s ugly, though I see it comes from a latin word meaning to promise oneself. That’s nice, but the word sounds ugly.

  3. Definitely. “Significant Other” is a way to say married or unmarried, which I suppose can be a fair distinction, but it usually means live-in partners instead of healthy boyfriends/girlfriends.

    This brings to mind my thoughts on posting on marriage. This is a litblog though.

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