The tank is empty tonight

I have less than nothing to say tonight. Anything I said would actually reduce the sum of public knowledge, just as a carbon credit is supposed to reduce global warming (but doesn’t).

Gleaned from a comment at Luther At the Movies: Scenes from Luther’s life done in Legos! That’s what I call culture!

For Aitchmark and other cat-lovers: This piece by Austrialian writer Hal G. P. Colebatch on cats in literature.

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. Wake me when it’s summer.

8 thoughts on “The tank is empty tonight”

  1. Speaking of cats; my favorite sf writer (Cordwainer Smith) wrote a lot about characters who were part cat part human (his underworld people). This comes to mind because I just read an incredible story of his; ‘The dead lady of clown town’ (which totally blew me away.)

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